Four Urbana IL Restaurants That Will Make For Good Times


Champaign is the county, and Urbana is the city. There are some great restaurants to show you in these parts, and you’re going to love the four I’ve picked out. Urbana is home to a total of 79 restaurants according to Trip Advisor, and the first one up is a cafe. I really adore cafes, and I hope you adore these four restaurants in Urbana IL.

The Courier Cafe is located on North Race Street, and it features a fresh salad bar. Stop in for breakfast, lunch or brunch and enjoy a reuben, oatmeal, a burger and other great menu items. Potato skins also make the menu highlights. The reason I like cafes is because they are usually old-school, warm and friendly, and they also feature down home cooking. Courier Cafe seems like a good fit.

Urbana Garden Family Restaurant also seems like a good fit. Make your way to West Killarney Street, and stop in for some fried chicken, a breakfast skillet, prime rib and more. People say the there is plenty of parking and that the restaurant itself is also quite large, with ample seating. It is also independently owned, which makes for a really unique dining experience in Urbana IL.

Huaraches Moroleon is the name of this next restaurant, and its location is 805 Philo Road. You’re talking about one of the best Mexican restaurants in town according to reviews. There is outdoor seating available, and the menu highlights mention warm chips, fresh tortillas and great Mexican food all the way around. People have great things to say about the margaritas, too.

Next up is Seven Saints, which is located on East Chester Street. Sliders, waffle fries and country fried chicken are just a few of the menu highlights. Have you ever tried a bavarian pretzel? People also mention cheese curds, which surprised me at first but Illinois is considered to be up north. Reviews say that there are also menu items for vegetarians, too, meaning there is something for everyone.

There is certainly something for everyone in Urbana IL all the way around. If you have enjoyed discovering these four restaurants, perhaps you will find yourself paying one a visit. If it’s time to grab a bite to eat, these four dining establishments in Urbana are waiting for you. Champaign County is such an interesting part of Illinois, don’t you think? And it all starts with a good meal.

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